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Money spells

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Financial luck and Money spells.


“All man are vessels, each vessel has the potential to be fulfilled. A vessel should know his capacity, his size and his shape, A vessal must be clean or the water will turn to mud”


A Financial luck spell is performed in 3 steps:


Step 1: A kabbalistic mapping of the financial nativ


According to the person first name, date of birth and name of mother, it is possible to isolate and study the capacity and ability to receive material good in this world, in this step madmon will map your financial channel to see what is your financial luck defaults, and what is your growth potential, from these details madmon will adjust the specific remedies that are needed for your case.


Step 2:  Cleansing of the financial nativ


Using specially adjusted  remedies, the client will cleanse his financial nativ from negative patterns, so he will be prepare to receive the energetic frequencies that summon us material wealth. “


Step 3: Attracting financial luck


Using  the remedies, In this step, the client will perform an attraction action through his financial nativ inorder to attract financial opportunities, luck and wealth.


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