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Sexual/emotional binding

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"the secret of thought pushes the waves of "the secret of sound". that comes to form, as the secret of matter."


When we speak, we send our thought, in a form of sound waves to the other.

the other than receive the wave through the correct channels, and than identify, analyze and understand the thought that generated it.


There are 72 channels of perception. each channel is in charge of a different aspect in our reality experience.


When the channels are clean, the information wave will pass clean and undistorted, but when the channels are blocked or corrupt, the wave damages, and by that, the thought that originally created it will be misunderstood by the logical mind, and the communication fails.


When lovers communicate romantically, the majority of information passes through two primary channels.


The emotional channel:  is the sender/receptor of everything that our brain Translates as Emotions. It is the channel in charges of what we feel as love, Shame ,anger ,Compassion, or even sexual lust.


The sexual channel: is the sender/receptor of the logical-territorial mind (Ego). and is in charge of all aspects of commitment and control in the relationship.


When the emotional channel Functions properly Our lover will feel love ,compassion and lust toward us. When the sexual channel functions properly our lover Will have strong need for Territorial Statements such as marriage Engagements.


Through a kabalistic Love binding, It is possible to readjust, increased and bind The communication on both channels, And by that making sure that The emotional and sexual communication Will stay positive And prevent other people or factors from entering the communication .


A love binding action Is performed for marriage intentions only.


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