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"True power is a man`s ability to control the forces around him"


Since the beginning of time, mankind has tried to understand and control the nature around. 
This desire for knowledge is the most basic instinct we have, and thanks to this instinct humanity has managed to evolve and develop to what it is today.

Through the curse of human development, each and every one of us managed to gain skills which help us adjust to the world we live in today. 
But as we gain more tools to ease our life, we lose a lot of our natural's abilities!

One of the abilities we lost through time is the power called in Hebrew "Sod Hamahshava" or in free translation "The secret of thought", This "Sod" is the understanding that a thought or emotion is no different than any physical action a man is able to do. The Secret explains how one man can control his fillings and thoughts and use them to reflect on another man.


We can explain it like this: Emotions as love or hate are just a physical action our brain tells us to feel. We will compare it to the action of moving our hand, which is also a physical action Our brain tells us to do! If you will take your hand and touch another man with it, you will make him feel your hand. Meaning you will make his brain tell his body that he is being touched. By doing this action you can control another man`s brain and make him feel what you want him to feel.

But if we established that emotions like love or hate can be controlled just like a simple body action, why than can`t we make another man love us or feel what we want him to feel?


Each and every one of us holds the power to effect another man`s feelings and actions using thoughts only. Time and evolotion just managed to blur this ability.


Right from the beginning of the Bible we learn that God created the world using the power of thought and sound; he thought of the sun and the moon, and created them by saying the Hebrew word of  "VAYEHI" .he thought of Adam and Eve and again created them using sound,

After God create Adam and Eve he sent them to the garden and told them not to eat the fruits of two trees’; the tree of knowledge and the tree of life. The KABBALAH tell us that the tree of knowledge kept the secrets of the human world, and the tree of life held the secret of creation. There for, if Adam and Eve had chosen to eat the fruit from the tree of life, they would get the knowledge to create Meter from thought and would have become equals to God.

Adam and Eve ate the fruit of the tree of knowledge and received the power to control their life and to understand the life around them. From a simple god creation that was equal to all of the animals in the garden, Adam and eve became a superior creation.

As time went by and technology evolved we lost the need to use our natural instincts and slowly forgot how to use them. But the fact that we forgot it doesn't mean that it's not there. The kabballah, or practical kabballah (as it called in Hebrew) teaches us that using special remedies can direct our mind in a way that we can control the emotions of humans around us.
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