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The Law of attraction

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Understanding The law of attraction.


“The law of attraction is the understanding that information broadcast out from the human source toward the general consciousness, is transmitted back as a similar or increased frequency that manifest itself in this reality.”


When we think, feel, talk or act, we constantly broadcast information throw our energetic channels (NATIV), this information is than receive by the wider consciousness that people called god.


The information frequency will than return to the sender and will create a real life event in his reality.


So if one will direct his MIND and summon himself money, love, power, etc, he will receive an energy frequency back, that will manifest itself in reality.


This "law" is the basic principle on which practical kabbalah function, and is proven time after time.


the problem is that in order to send and receive the correct signal, we must put our self in a state of consciousness that will allow us to send a clean  stable wave that is not interfered by inner interferences (such as emotions and negative thought patterns) or outer interferences (such as evil eye, spiritual attacks or psychological influence).

When this ability cannot take place, the law of attraction can be used through the methods of The Secret of sound and The Secret of matter.

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