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Secret of matter

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The Secret of matter.


“All material elements in this world are in fact condensed units of light that create shapes and textures through the secret of sound”.


As we mentioned before, sound frequencies are the acting vibrating force that creates matter, this tells us that every matter in this world has it’s own sound vibration and “sound DNA” that gives it the qualities that defines him.


Every matter is connected directly to all other matters, and is responding to them



The human brain is part of the world of matter and therefore thought and emotions are also part of this material world and are responding to the material surrounding at all times.


The kabbalistic “book of creation” teaches how to create and adjust the correct material remedies combination to change or control aspects of our life and the life of other.


Kabbalah practitioner Madmon is israel leading researcher and creator of kabbalah remedies designed to readjust the emotion/thought patterns and specialize in the practice of Love spells, Love binding, money spells and cleansing of evil eye and black magic.


"With no vanity and with pure humility"

Madmon's remedies are the strongest with in the practice

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