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Love attraction spells

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General love attraction:


The remedy is made to adjust the user living channels (Nativim) to attract love\lust and approval, this kind of material is good for anyone who wish to attract people to his\her life, if for love, marriage, or general wide scale approval.



Control specific love\Bind lover


These remedies act as a GOLEM and create a living link between you and the one you love,

After the GOLEM is connected a "calling" action is taken place that attract the person to you.


A more intense action is called BINDING or KVILA (Hebrew): In this action the person stay under a constant repetition of action for 77 years.


Note: This is not "love spells" , voodoo , or any other kind of black magic, the practical kabbalah is the strongest and cleanest way of action.

Please, only serious e-mails will be answer.

A binding action will be provided only for marriage intentions



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