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Madmon answers: FAQ

What is the secret of matter?

The secret of matter is the name given to the correct usage of materials in order to control and adjust the "Law of attraction" in our life, these materials (or remedies) help us create a perimeter from which we can send a frequency to summon, control and Bind another.

How much does it cost?
Every remedy is different and every case is different, therefor the price for each case is usually different, the remedies are expensive in most cases and should be used only for serious intentions.

Can anyone create a love binding?

No, a person must be compatible for the other on the Nativ's level in order to establish a binding, this is why we ask for the person's name, date of birth and name of mother, these details, after decoded ,can tell us if and to what degree two people are compatible.

Is working with Kabbalah remedies stronger than casting a love spell or voodoo?
Yes, without a question.
Love spells and voodoo actions move as single information wave, while the remedies provide a repetition of broadcasting and some even binding, in most cases love spells will not work at all, in the rest they will have only a temporary effect.

I am not jewish, can I still work with you?
Yes, as long as you are human and with good intentions, I will be happy to help.


In order for MADMON to adjust the remedies to your specific demand please send us an e-mail containing the follows

* Full name and date of birth

* Original birth name of your mother

* Very detailed explanation of the problem in hand.

Please keep a respectable and clean language

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