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Love is the most complicated of any area of ​​mysticism!

Know!  To bind love, the mystic has to have the tools and the practical ability to make specific material according to the circular secrets of the wind and the sound.

He must know the target of all the seven circles of wind movement, in and around live materials.

Concoct all materials on time and at the right moment, each substance separately.

Tune and adjust the circular movement of the wind and adjust each material solely on a calculation and testing of the star routes, and routes the signs of two patients.

It is important to know that the test must be done with the secret of sound! Towards the end of the process he must check whether the remedy is active, and if both lovers response to it.

Know! There is no material which is suitable for everyone!

Therefore, all material must go through the adjustment process, in person and by all hases of the practical Kabbalah.

A binding action will be provided only for marriage intentions

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