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A love binding action, or at its Hebrew name, "KVILA", is an aggressive action, performed for marriage intentions only, and provides significant , permanent control over another spouse emotional and sexual perception.

In order to gain control over another spouse feelings, and achieve total binding ,we must go through a process of four stages:

1.   Identifying  the man/women star route and kabbalistic Nativ code.
This is done by decoding the letters of the man\women name, date of birth and name of the mother
2.   Establishing a live connection between both spouses.
In this stage we establish an information channel, that will later be use to transplant thoughts, emotions and intentions to the other.
3.   A binding action to the Sexual/emotional nativ's.
By binding the channels, you make sure that the only emotional and sexual transmission your spouse will be able to receive, will be yours, and yours, alone. this will prevent outer interferences, such as other people, families, or spiritual attacks.

4.  The 77 years lock 
Creates 77 years repetition of action, so there is no need to renew action, and the effect will last for a lifetime.

The suitable remedies for these kind of actions are the Marri, Almashor and for difficult cases, the Almecashef remedies.
The patient must work with the material for a period of 21 days and follow the instruction provided by madmon.

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