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What is - Love binding

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What is a Love Binding action?
Madmon Answers his students:

Shalom Madmon.

What is Kvila? (Binding)

"Kvila (Binding) is the name given to a set of actions done in order to bind two people nativ's (channels) together, when dealing with romantic issues, the best way to establish a life time of healthy relationship is to create a binding of the sexual and emotional nativ, with the proper remedies".

Sexual and emotional nativ?
"The emotional nativ is the channels in which we receive the frequencies that our mind recognizes as emotions.
The sexual nativ is in charge of the sexual MIND, the Ego and territorial patterns.
The male mind is more programed by the sexual nativ than a woman is, And most of his patterns in a relationship are territorial. This is why it is important to establish a sexual binding."


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