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Love models

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Models of love in the world today- 

Identifying:  True love, passion, desire. -  The love process of humans.


In most cases, the love process evolve from the seed of "love rational", slow frequency transmission, to a state of "In love"


In love An emotional feeling of "binding" with the other spouse, mostly territorial, fast frequency, and does not determined by rational logic.

This varies depending on the transmission chain both partners transmit to each other.

There are several approaches to the development of love: an energetic connection and acceptance, feeling, emotion, need for physical contact, and the will to complete the self.

The level of "intensity" in love changes.

The emotion of love depends on clear and definitive identification of the subliminal message; both partners transmit to each other,  and hence lust and the desire to touch and create physical friction and the continuous desire to be together.

In some cases, transmission chain between the couple received a distorted, negative and sometimes harmful.


In some cases, love is perceived as strange and destructive, and it is due to misidentification between the lovers "message".


Romantic love, Friends love.

There are some differences between romantic love and the love between friends and sex appeal without any feeling of love. Romantic love is the life center  of the lovers. When both partners are always fantasize about each other.

 Imagination and fantasies are an important part of a strong and true romantic love.

In many cases, true love can bring us very emotional pain and constant fear of losing the other spouse. Unlike a system of friendship that  can survive in a stable manner.


Love between friends often do not produce jealousy. On the other hand, romantic love is central to jealousy.

Romantic love is always accompanied by fear and anxiety of losing the other spouse.


Another model of love is the urge to unite, where the lover  finds the best and easy solution to the problem of emotional deprivation and resolving what he experienced during his lifetime.

In Love when the lover turns himself in front of the other spouse and doing everything for the other side, will lose his  inner strength. Hence, a short way to admiration and dangerous personality cult.

Loving relationship controlled by the intellect, reason and emotion as one is more ideal love. Both partners stand facing each other, full personalities, as equals and not cancel each other. These partners complete each other equally and do not cancel themselves and each other.

Types of common love patterns.

Casual relationships with little intimacy, passion and commitment.

Relationships with a lot of intimacy and passion, but without obligation.

The ability to open up to intimacy but without commitment and without passion.

 Quick love, full of passion and commitment without the ability to develop intimacy and openness.

Healthy love moves in harmony with reason, logic, emotion, and ability to complete and satisfy each other.

The Kabbalist must identify the kind of love of both spouses, according to the above. The 
test is carried out according to the Kabbalistic letter decoding method

Last two decades we have witnessed a sharp increase in divorce rate in the modern world. The explanation for this is the ideology of romantic love that leads us to marriage. The more we believe in romantic love, we are expected to wear the institution of marriage, because romantic feelings and desire to disappear with time. The explanation may be biological and / or psycho-physiological and / or due to lack of spiritual compatibility.

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