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The false self – A Prison for the MIND 
Madmon Answers his students:
Shalom Madmon,
What is the Personality?
There is NO such thing as a "personality", it is false! What we call "personality" is just layers of automatic responses we picked up along the way, it is the Ego protecting itself over on over again in patterns.
The Ego?

The ego is the false self; we use it as a self-defense system for our core, it entire objective is to keep us asleep and unaware to reality. A man controlled by his Ego will spend his life behaving and responding in his reality in the same patterns, over and over.
So a man with a "good personality" is a man who picked up good patterns and a man with a "bad personality" is a man who picked up bad patterns.

So people always behaves in patterns?

Sadly yes, this is our prison to break, most people are truly awake for about 13 years in their life, this is the time they pick up on their primary patterns that "defines" their personality. This is one of the reasons we do the Bar-Mitzvah at age 13, when we lose the god in us and start life under Adam and eve sin.

So why do we need this? why is it good?

We don't need it and it is not good, we take it because it is easier for us, so we respond automatically like we know we are "suppose to", because these are the patterns we got used to and this is our PERSONALITY, and we stick to it! even if it will hurt us, we will stick to it. This is our worst weakness.
Why would a man act like this?

Because the scariest thing in the world is to be true!
It means that you accept that you are nothing.
 you have no personality, you have no patterns, you are free in every moment and renewing yourself every time you open your eyes, the concept of personality is wrong by definition and it is just a choice we make every moment. Scary thought don’t you think?

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